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Balanced Llama
Berry Bomb
Chai Love You
Goodnight Llama
Green Lady
Lemon Love Berry
Muddy Llama
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8 reviews for 10 Pack

  1. Crystal Wilson


  2. Stefani

    These teas are amazing! They are so fresh you can taste the love and care put into each tea. It relaxed me and finally I was able to sleep through the night without waking up every hour. Highly recommend it! Can’t pick a favorite flavor lol they are all amazing!

  3. Whitney

    This was an amazing Tea experience. I have been a tea drinker for most of my life so I was very excited to try this tea! My delivery came just in time for a rainy day! The first thing I noticed was the aroma was so pure, the steeping alone made my mouth water. The flavors used in the tea were very complimentary and not overpowering. It was a drinkable melody. I work nights and it’s very hard for me to get deep sleep but I had the best rest I’ve gotten in recent memory! I cannot wait to try the other flavors and will be ordering again very soon!

  4. Rosemary Ray

    This is the best tea ever. There is so much love & care that goes into making these teas, you can feel it when you drink it. Not only is the taste fantastic but I feel super relaxed after drinking. My favorite flavor so far is the Chai but I also love the Raspberry Lemon too! You won’t regret this tea, it really is the best (not to mention organic & made by hand).

  5. Amanda Barnett

    Ohhhhh myyyy gooooshhhh!!! This is my all time favorite tea❤️?????? It’s so fresh the amazing aroma hits you when you open the package! I find myself feeling humble and more patient… my favorite flavor is the raspberry lemon mint?I want to TREAT myself EVERYDAY!! Thank y’all!! Love you❤️?❤️

  6. Amy

    This tea is high quality and made with love and intention. I can truly feel a sense of calm and happy when I sip slowly. Thank you, Sara and John for your lovely creation!

  7. Denise Miller

    We ordered the vanilla chai and raspberry mint lemon teas. We were blown away by how delicious they are. The first treat comes when you open the package , the smell is heavenly. The teas are very fresh, and vibrant and unlike any tea I’ve ever had. Sara (owner) was super sweet and helpful when I needed help navigating the site and picking flavors. We are forever fans down here in Texas and can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  8. Meaghan Haack

    This tea is legit! It came 2 days after I found out I was covid-19 positive. I could not believe the mood elevation I felt after drinking the tea, clarity of mind AND the ease in my physical body… I’ve had a mild case of covid so far with a constant low grade fever and this tea is the only thing thats made me feel better. My husband also had a cup and he measures his HRV (heart rate variability) each night while he sleeps which indicates the balance of your nervous system… he said he got the highest HRV score you could get which means his nervous system was in perfect harmony- amazing! The packaging and tea bags are nice, unique, and clearly done with great care. Thank you so much!

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