Spirit of Cannabis ~ The Birth of Hempy Llama Tea Co.

Cherry Blossom just before harvest

After leaving the medical field a few years ago, I found myself diving even deeper into my meditation practice. I began holding meditation groups online as well as a few in person retreats. I began to gain a better understanding of our mind-body-spirit connection as well as our intimate connection to Mother Earth.

Every plant on this earth holds a specific energy. Cannabis is no exception. Cannabis is said to be an “Unbiased Energetic Amplifier”. Basically your thoughts and feelings that are present within you when consuming cannabis (eating, drinking, smoking, etc) become amplified and more of those thoughts & feelings come into your experience. This is where the power of intention comes into play.

Intention is everything. Our minds can be our most powerful tool, or our source of self destruction. I used to carry a personal fear and anxiety around the use of cannabis…particularly marijauna. This derived from my experience with smoking weed in highschool. I wasn’t exactly mindful, awakened or very self aware back in those days. Any consumption of mind altering substances was done with the “intention” of getting lit with my friends.

The last time I smoked weed at 16 years of age, was the last time I smoked weed…until recently. I remember sitting outside on the cool grass, it was dark out and we were passing around some very low grade bud that added a hint of a gasoline aroma as it burned. I remember feeling so incredibly uncomfortable in my own mind & body, I was anxious to say the least. I told my 16 year old self in that moment that I NEVER want to feel this way again, and I made a pact with myself to never smoke weed again. For the next 20 years, I held true to that promise.

Lo and behold at the beautiful age of 37, years of meditation, personal growth, mindfulness practice and much self awareness later…cannabis came back into my life. Starting simple with CBD oil and then venturing into a local dispensary to buy an indica strain called Granddaddy Purple. My husband and I lit it up later that evening, but not without placing intention first. I held the pipe in my hands, eyes closed, and placed an intention for love, for ease and for joy. A couple of hits later and that’s exactly what I experienced. My body was relaxed and every touch felt euphoric. My mind was calm and safely moving in and out of a dreamlike state. My heart center was softened and open.

Intention is everything, especially when it comes to plant medicine. This experience was truly the catalyst to Hempy Llama Tea Company. My husband and I thought…how can we bring this beautiful plant, this powerful medicine to more people, legally and in a healthy way. We researched and experimented, we trialed and errored a few times…and finally, we took just the right amount of hemp flower, grown with love (by our friends at One Plant One Love) and integrated it with organic blends of delicious tea that have their own various healing properties and….MWAH!! Delicious plant medicine in a cup!

If you’re ready to brew and consume Hemp Llama Tea with intention, here are a few tips:

~ Have respect for this ancient plant known as Cannabis. When truly understood, this “holy herb” is a powerful spiritual medicine with immense potential.

~ Hold your intentions high. Cannabis will amplify these intentions, so stay mindful. Place your intentions while your tea is steeping.

~ As you begin to drink…let go. Allow your thoughts to come and go with ease and without judgement.

~ Stay present, breathe deep and bring your attention and awareness back to the present moment. Notice and shifts in your energy as well as throughout your body.

This tea can be used to help with relaxation and sleep, and it can be taken to the next level, used in a ceremonial practice to experience cannabis as the powerful, spiritual and plant medicine that it is.

Come and #DrinkHempy with us over at www.HempyLlamaTea.com !!