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Handmade artisan teas

We source our hemp from the Galena River Ranch in Galena Illinois.  It’s a lovely cherry blossom strain that truly compliments the flavors of our teas. This farm began in 2019, every seed was hand planted and then harvested at a perfect time to bring you powerful hemp.

Third Party Tested

This hemp has undergone testing to ensure it's purity and potency


There have been no genetically modified seeds used in the planting of this hemp


Organic methods were used in the growing of our hemp, no pesticides were used

Our Story

This family owned business was born out of necessity. After 10 years in the medical field, losing my mother and father before I turned 35, I knew first hand how delicate and precious our lives are. There is no time to waste in sharing the importance of this powerful plant known as hemp.

In the fall of 2018, our little family had had enough of corporate America, public school systems and the suburban lifestyle. We sold our home, renovated an RV and hit the road! After a bit of travel, we decided to put down roots in the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies.

My husband and I began to really appreciate the benefits of hemp and we knew there was an even more powerful + health conscious way to share it with others. Hempy Llama was created from our family to yours!

Available Package Pricing

We sell all of our flavors in easy to get packages.  You can even make your own custom package by selecting what flavors you want!

10 Pack

$ 25.00

20 Pack

$ 45.00

30 Pack

$ 65.00

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If you would like to contact Hempy Llama Tea Company, we would love to hear from you!

If you are wholesaler with an interest in integrating Hempy Llama Tea into your establishment, we would love to chat!

Contact Information

P.O. Box 981 Cedaredge, CO 81413